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SPN - 510

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Nov. 20th, 2009 | 09:39 pm

Top 5 all time favourite Supernatural episode hands down. This is pretty much the first time during this season that I have fully 100% enjoyed the show. This is also the first time ever that I have cried during an episode of Supernatural.

I have seen quite a few comments voicing their hate for the show - because once again, it was the women dying so the strong men can live. And you know what, I have to respectfully disagree. I saw one brave person trying to give the people who can a chance to take out Satan. I saw a mother (a parent) who couldn’t let her daughter (child) die alone, and if you can't see or understand why a parent couldn't leave their child to face death alone, well, let's not get into it here.

I didn't see it as women dying for men so much as people sacrificing their lives so others can save the world. If we are going to have the great feminist debate, then let’s talk about Castiel pushing Meg into a ring of fire and then using her as a bridge to cross the ring. I will be the first one to say that SPN has its issues when it comes to women and violence, but you know what? The way Jo and Ellen died were good deaths, it wasn't about being victims, it wasn't about sexualising violence/death against/of women. It was about good people dying so the world can have a chance. Their deaths, within the series, served a purpose for the plot, it wasn’t a dumb or stupid, and yeah Lucifer is immune to the Colt, but the characters didn’t know. They had a workable plan, and nothing within their knowledge went against the basic assumption that the Colt would and can kill anything. If you want stupid fucking deaths, then watch Torchwood COE.

Jo and Ellen were awesome in this, and the way they went in a blaze of glory is both heart wrenching and admirable. So yeah, I respectfully disagree with your hate of their characterisation, or their deaths. To do so would lessen their sacrifices.

Castiel is awesome in this. And once again I am proven right that Castiel MINUS the Winchesters is all sort of awesome. His interactions with Ellen and Jo was absolutely hilarious, of course Ellen would get him doing shots with her. His interactions with Lucifer is all sort of SCARY/AWESOME/WRONG-SEXY; just so VERY intense and layered. The use of ‘brother’ in SPN is beginning to be all sort of wrong and strange. The way the scene was set up; frame and lighting were awesome. Castiel came across as so very alien; hurts and scared but still so very not human. And Lucifer, wow, OMFG! The way he delivers his lines is freaking creepy. Their conversation about traveling within a car speaks quite a bit on their characterisation.

Crowley. Yeah, Okay. Definite Good Omens nod. He is awesome.

ETA: I LOVE the way Lucifer -says- Castiel's name, the slight different intonation and emphasis makes his name so alien and awesome.

ETA 2: WHAT IS IT ABOUT DETROIT? Why will Sam say yes to Lucifer in Detroit?

Yeah, awesome episode.

ETA: I have edited the post behind the cut with additional comments.

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from: calliste_dawn
date: Dec. 13th, 2009 11:37 am (UTC)

Yay! I'm not the only one who saw that scene and when OMGZ now I need some Lucifer/Castiel fic. But as you have mentioned, a lot of people write Castiel so badly that what I have found, I've hated. But that scene was seriously ftw because of that alien-ness. And the comments about traveling in a *car*!

I love Supernatural.

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