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Adam Lambert!

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Dec. 19th, 2009 | 01:33 pm

I haven't talked much about Adam Lambert in the past few weeks. Well, not on LJ anyway, I have been BLABBING left, right and centre about the man to anyone who is within a 5m radius of me. The whole office now knows of my love for Mr. Lambert, He of the Planet Fierce, who Loves SPARKLES and Glitter.

His AMA performance was AMAZING! His follow-up interviews were things of glory. And OMFG! His vocals have been fantastic! (Look, I loved the AMA awards but seriously, it wasn't his best work when it came to vocals). However, people, I have CONCERN! I just watched his Chelsea Lately interview - has he LOST weight?! Like, his legs are kind of ridic. thin, and his BABY!face is starting to look really NOT!Baby faced.

PEOPLE, please tell me I'm IMAGINING this! I don't think I like skinny!Adam as much as I love normal!Adam!!!

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