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White Collar 108

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Jan. 21st, 2010 | 01:14 pm

Saw White Collar yesterday.

The show has its faults, but it is so enjoyable.

Neal’s anger at feeling betrayed is all sort of awesome. It is more awesome that he couldn’t believe Peter would ever betray him, not until he found evidence of his own.

Love that Peter is the man I have come to know and adore. He didn’t take Kate, she was taken by someone else in the FBI, but Peter has been digging and is good enough to hunt her down on his own. The fact that Peter thinks Kate is wrong and bad for Neal, that she doesn’t love Neal is SQUEE inducing, because if that’s not a sign of some deep seated over-protective tendencies I don’t know what is. In addition, I find it absolutely fascinating that Peter and Kate have some awesome chemistry, like the two of them have PAST, not the cute, mutual admiration past that Neal and Peter have, but the bitter, angry, trust-you-as-far-as-I-can-throw-you past. Very antagonistic, with a layer of something that closely resembles ANGRY HISSING cats. It is kind of hilarious.

So, this whole thing is about something that Neal stole in the past – specifically a music box owned by Catherine the Great (I’m going by memory here, and it could be Queen Victoria for all my memory). EXCEPT Neal DIDN’T STEAL it, he doesn’t even have it; he just let everybody assume he had it. Love that he let Peter assume he had the music box in his possession, but is really all about wanting to STEAL the music box on his own to prove he can – or perhaps keep it. Hard to say.

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