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Australian Open

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Jan. 24th, 2010 | 11:28 pm

I have been watching the Australian Open whenever I can.

Nadal still worries me beyond belief when he trips or chases after a ball that does things to his knees. It makes me WORRY, OK! The man fucked up his knee last year. It is the same fear I have for Andy Roddick – I have the biggest soft spot for Roddick, I love the man. He works his ass off, tries so damn hard (last year’s loss to Federer at Wimbledon was fricking heart-breaking).

Currently watching the Roddick vs Fernando Gonzalez match. Gods, I have forgotten how energetic and just fun Gonzalez’s tennis is. I LOVE watching the man play. Hell, this is turning out to be one of the most entertaining matches for me. There is just SO much power going back and forth here. OMFG! BESTEST VOLLEY!!! LOVES! BITING NAILS! As much as I admire Gonzalez I really want Roddick to win. Like I said I really love the man.

Also, Federer vs Hewitt tomorrow. Um, I don’t mind Hewitt, but seriously Federer is going to win. The quarter finals are going to be insane.

ETA: OMFG! This is INSANE! I'M SO VERY STRESSED! I have taken off layers from the nails of my index fingers. THIS IS INTENSE! AND SO STRESSFUL!

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