witty, somehow (naanima) wrote,
witty, somehow

XKCD is awesome - children's fantasy

This picture/diagram is the visual representation of my heart in regards to children's fantasy. Like, whose idea was it to push the idea that people who have gone through trauma, deaths and adventures can be put back into their ‘normal’ lives without any problems. Oh, wait, Narnia and Alice in Wonderland, of course.

The picture is awesome, and is one of the reasons why as a child I HATED Narnia and any other forms of fiction that insisted on putting children back into their own world, expecting them to be happy, to be appreciative after an adventure of life and death. Yeah, did not sit well with me as a 9-yr-old, and definitely did not sit well with me as an adult. As far as I’m concerned it is one of the cruelest children’s’ fantasy tropes, ever.

Want to watch Percy Jackson, please let it not be condescending.
Tags: meta:books
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