witty, somehow (naanima) wrote,
witty, somehow

SPn 514

Jared, why the STUPID hair?! Can someone please get rid of the sideburns, or at least make it LESS than it is NOW!

Also, Jensen, for some reason, you are stupidly beautiful tonight.

HOWEVER, OMFG! THIS EPISODE IS FRIGGING AMAZING! Like, I was both entertained and enthralled, and it was also a MYTHARC. I have not liked a SPN ep since 5x10.

I love how the brothers are being brothers with the stupid jokes and the talking in sterreo.

"Be my valentine?" – Oh, Dean! You are such a stupid brother. LOVES.
"They are not incontinent." – Castiel, I like you.

In regards to the cupid's form of handshake (hugs! OMFG! HUGS!)
"I don't like it."
"No one likes it."

Cas eating is awesome!

Also, WOW. SPN's concept of Famine is fricking amazing. Like, it is seriously awesome. The frail old man, who hungers for EVERYTHING.

“Wait your turn.” OMFG! SAM! PLEASE BE EVIL ALL THE TIME! Sam taking out Famine!! EEE!

Dean!angst. Um…. I seem to have become completely immune and uncaring. This is sad. Oh, well!
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