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Supernatural season 6, CONFIRMED!

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Feb. 17th, 2010 | 09:36 am

CW renews 'Supernatural,' confirmation from Maureen Ryan.

... Guys, this means we are going to get season 6. OMFG! OK, yes, I admit it, the last part of season 4 and most of s5 have pretty much been meh for me, but OMFG! We are GOING to get a SIXTH season. Like, this is the show that had sent me into hyperventilation at the end of s2 and s3 with the possibility of it being canceled. Look at it now! It is getting EARLY renewals! Oh gods, I STILL love this show.

Kripke will step down as the showrunner, he is still going to be actively involved in the show, but Sera Gamble will be the new Showrunner. Eric and Bob will stay as Executive Producers, but will be starting to work on their next project for the WB. OMFG! This is AWESOME! SERA! I EXPECT MORE Sam storylines!

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Vel'ithya Tevriel

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from: velithya
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