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True Blood S2

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Feb. 18th, 2010 | 09:33 am

True Blood, so, as I'm a huge AS fan, and I NEEDED to see more of Eric I went and fast forwarded a season worth of TB. I find myself liking Jason.

Yes, I feel slightly dirty too.

The show still sucks, Sookie is still an idiot, and Bill is like the BORINGEST person ever. However, JESSICA! OMFG! Jessica and her Bill!Hate cracks me up so very much.

ERIC is still awesome, Godric is AWESOME! And I managed to watch season 2 in an hour!

In conclusion, Vampire Diaries kicks ass!

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from: new_kate
date: Feb. 18th, 2010 09:43 am (UTC)

See, I totally love True Blood. It's so hilarious. Yes, Sookie is a total moron, but Vampire Bill takes the art of being a boring vampire to some sort of transcendent level where it becomes comedy gold somehow. You know, when he vamped out at someone and was all menacing and then Sookie told him to stop that nonsense - the sad little sound of his itty fangs sulkily retracting: "pok!" was just so - I'm giggling again.

Eric, of course, if absolutely the best thing ever. I even love the red kohl makeup. And in season 2 we get to see Eric have prolonged scenes of imaginary sex, and also feature in traumatic flashbacks IN DRAG. And I'm secretly hoping the show will let us see some of Lafayette's sexy dreams about Eric, too. I mean, they did m/m kissing already, so maybe!

But there so wasn't enough Godric/Eric. I was going to go read fanfics but the Godric/Eric was already written like a fanfic in canon, complete with BLOODY TEARS Eric quietly cries all over himself, I just didn't know if fanficcers could do it justice.

Actually the answer is HELL YES obviously, I mean, waldorph. Legend of the Seeker porn. Of course there are those among us who could write Godric/Eric and make it hot and awesome without losing any of the wonderful camp and ridiculous.

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witty, somehow

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from: naanima
date: Feb. 19th, 2010 04:00 am (UTC)

The problem is - and there are many, is that you are like the first fan of this show that I know of who don't take it SERIOUSLY! Most of the people I have spoken to are like, 'And it was so horrible and terrifying, and his/her motivation for...' I'm like, WTF? Are we watching the same show here.

See, I can get behind you on the whole HAHAHA! This is the BESTEST comedy ever kind of fan, but even than I just CAN'T put myself through the whole series without wanting to shoot Sookie in the head. BUT! HAHAHAHA! The retracting fang sounds is HILARIOUS!

ERIC! The DRAG cracks me up. For some reason Lafayette does nothing for me, though I would not mind seeing more of his Eric!Sex dreams. We all know he has them!

Godric/Eric. OH! I WANTED to LAUGH at THEM! But then Eric is like so IN LOVE and caring, and the KNEEING, and the BLOOD TEARS, and I'm like, HOW CAN I NOT GET ON BOARD WITH THIS!?!! I ADMIT it, there were TEARS! And I WANTED MORE! SO MUCH MORE! IT HIT every one of my kink buttons - even down to the physically smaller kid who is the ALL powerful one dynamic. Just gods, I WANTED at least another 4 episodes filled with FLASH BACKS and MORE Eric on his knees, HUGGING Godric!!!

.... You are BRILLIANT! I must speak to her straight away!!!!

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