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Damn you Australia, you and your lack of coverage for the great sport of tennis!

Rafa Nadal def. Roger Federer at the Madrid Open - 6-4, 7-6(5) on the 16th of May. You don't want to know the efforts I had to go through to even see this match online.

GOD DAMN! I LOVE their tennis, but like, there were some truly horrible play in this match. LIKE WTF WITH THOSE BREAK POINTS, ROGER?! WTF?! Beyond the truly bizarre mistakes the mind games were kind of 0__o. I don't care what people tell me, there is no way in hell Roger wasn't trying something by sitting there for so LONG for his pre-match whatever it was. PSYCHING OUT NADAL WILL NOT WORK! Despite everything - some amazing, beautiful tennis were played.

Gods, they haven't played against each in over a year. Like, WOW. This is tennis, where the top contenders always GET to play each other! Especially when it is Nadal and Federer!

Also, new ATP ranking - Federer is #1, and Rafa is back in #2. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, tennis, the drama you generate is awesome!

ETA: Roger Federer. Like, TEH Roger Federer, King of Tennis MISSING the fucking ball with his racket on match point MADE ME CRINGE. I LITERALLY had to watch the next 10 mins BEHIND my FINGERS!
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