witty, somehow (naanima) wrote,
witty, somehow

Eurovision 2010

I do love this show. This the first time where I have seen more than 5mins of it, and now I really want an Asian version of it. The thought of an Asianvision brings about a feeling that is not unlike that of hysteria – the voting system would be truly an amazing thing to see. Anyways, I am very pleased that Lena won (the husband and I were talking about this; for all purpose her voice should irritate me beyond reason but I’m just charmed by her performance, the song and her voice. She is adorable and the song was the only one that I found myself truly enjoying,). I am kind of annoyed that maNga came in second; my dislike for them is high. Still dismayed that Romania managed to get so many votes. Like, WTF? I mean sure, the dueling pianos and fireworks were visually interesting, but the song was highly irritating and the dude had short stumpy legs.

perseid, I can see why you liked Belgium, and can understand why he had a wider appeal than Cyprus. Personally I still would have picked Cyprus; I mean, the boy’s name is Jon Lileygreen, and he is WELSH! YAY!

I kind of liked Denmark, the more I heard the more I liked them.

I can’t wait for next year!
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