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French Open - King of Clay, YES! PLEASE!

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Jun. 4th, 2010 | 04:13 pm

An update on tennis, my love.

So, the French Open, Federer lost the quarter and Nadal is going into the semi-finals today. YAY! But seriously, clay court matches are kind of insanely awesome; the way the tempo of matches is so drastically different from hard court – longer rallies and fewer mistakes (mostly). For those who say Nadal is all about power, dudes, clay requires a shitload more agility and tact than hard courts, but OK, reach and power is pretty necessary because you need to hit hard. But dammit, Nadal is awesome, OK!

I want him to reclaim the Roland Garros so badly – King of Clay needs his crown back. However, first, the match against Melzer. Dear Rafa, PLEASE WIN!

ETA: OMFG! He is going to be ranked #1 if he WINS THIS! EEE!

ETA 2: Look, I know Soderling kicks some serious ass, the man is a powerhouse, but I want Rafa to win, so there.

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