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Stalking, RL, and Inception - Y/N? (A Poll, WHEEE!)

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Jul. 28th, 2010 | 03:05 pm

Am I the only person who stalks other people’s friend list? Sometime there is like, nothing to do online, and other people’s friendlist are so very interesting and strange. Which raise the interesting question of why the hell don’t I just friend them in the first place? It can’t be just laziness.

As a side note – I think I need to reorganize my friendlist. The other day I was like, “Why haven’t these people lj’d in such a long time? I hope they are ok,” then I check their journal and realize that they have been lj’ing consistently for the past, oh, six fricking months, and the reason I haven’t seen their lj posts is because I didn’t have them on a filter. I fail so badly.

I think I’m going to spend an hour or two tonight going through my friendlist, create correct filters, ADD them on filters, and friend more bandom people. MCR bandom is pretty awesome at the moment what with Comic con, the album being finally completed, and Frank’s twin girls. Like, TWIN BABY GIRLS. EEEEE!

Yes, I realize this rush of productivity (kinda) is mostly brought on by the need to do something that is NOT Federal Government DOCUMENTS and TENDERS. My brain is leaking out of my ear. I have printed over 300 pages of documentation – I’m killing whole rain forests here. It is like pulling teeth trying to edit 300 pages worth of word document on a tiny computer screen at work.

Headaches are a bitch.

Also, conundrum – I really dislike Chris Nolan, like, I admit his plots are at times interesting, and he does indeed produce shiny films. However, I hate the way he depict women in his works. I have not watched one of his films that didn’t leave me feeling cold and more than slightly annoyed at the Women in Refrigerators Syndrome. So, you know, I was pretty happy not watching Inception because my life, it is BEYOND insane at the minute, I has no time for things that angers me. However, people’s opinion that I trust have been raving about this film. It got to the point that I’m thinking the film may not leave me 1) Numb and sleepy, 2) Frothing at the mouth at the fucking WIR issues once more.

Friendlist, you are my only hope! A POLL

Poll #1598257 Should I watch 'Inception'?

Should I watch 'Inception'?

Yes – it is a film of the highest caliber
No – the WIR issues and nihilistic attitude will make you want to kill things
YES! The PRETTY MEN in SUITS is worth it!!!!
NO! It sucked donkey balls, and I will tell you why in the comments.
I LOVE POLLS! Why don't you do them more often?!!!

ETA: I think the reason the Batman films worked for me were the actors ability to, well, act, not any amazing directorial ability. Gary Oldman can make anything better.

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