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RL Stuff

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Aug. 10th, 2010 | 06:43 am

Have been up since 5:30am - read through work that I did yesterday, deleted work I did yesterday once I realised it was shit, and now must begin rewriting. All the time multiple timelines are looming.

I'm fairly stressed about work presently, which is making me NOT deliver at the level of which I want to. Grrrr.

In the meantime I'm READING much Inception fics. *HEADDESK*.

OK, now must go and get ready for work.

ETA: One of my cat is suffering from diarrhoea - this cause me much stress, and it really highlights why I shouldn't have children. The fact I go all stressed out when anything living I care about suffers.

ETA 2: Poll IDEAS accepted. baka_neko and others, have received them and thinking about how to break them down.

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