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RL and fandom stuff - SOA!!!

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Aug. 30th, 2010 | 03:52 pm

Work was hell for me for the month of August. I had eight submissions, one of which was 250+ pages worth of writing and graphs. Believe me after completing that and the other seven submissions in the time span of 27 days everything else is a cake walk. After the month of hell (August) I am in a situation where I’m completing my work about three times faster than I use to, and then I’m left with about four to five hours of nothing. In other words I’m really, really, really bored. I got so bored today that I cleaned out my predecessor’s three filing cabinets, and separated all the contents into paper, plastic and other for recycling purposes. I managed to chew through three hours doing that. However, I’m now left with another 30mins before I can leave for home.

Fandom wise – I’m completely infatuated with Sherlock Holmes, and gets quite sad whenever I remember there is only three episodes of the show. It is probably why I’ve jumped back into K-pop – they make me so very happy.

Sure, K-pop fandom might not produce much quality work (fic-wise) but the crack produced by the bands themselves makes me smile in glee. It does makes me frown that DBSK, by all signs, is over and buried, but guys, Junsu, Yuuchun and Jaejoong are still together, and their music, their antics still make me smile so very much. OK, sure, I can’t bear to watch / read any news regarding Changmin and Yunho. Yes, I know it is do to a sense of anger and some residual resentment to them, even though they are lovely boys, and probably have very good reasons for not following through with the lawsuit. But godammit! Shinhwa did it together, why couldn’t they?! And it is at this point where I really need to take a step back, and take a deep breath. I’m really more emotionally invested in them than I thought I was. DAMMIT!

Moving on - I have stated watching Sons of Anarchy, and OMFG! I’m four episodes in, and this show! Gods, guys, this fricking show! How awesome is Gemma! And Jax with his baby son! And Clay, and just WTF! This show, by all rights, should make me feel uncomfortable, but all I can think about is the amount of squee I have for these characters and this show. LOVES!

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