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Kamen Rider - whut?

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Oct. 8th, 2010 | 09:09 am

So, I have been staying at home longer in the morning before I go to work. Have managed to catch some of the new Yu Gi Oh and Ben 10, I can see why the latter is so popular. Anyways, this morning I caught up with something that I thought was the new Power Rangers, but I had my doubts because the heroes and villains were more Kamen Rider-like. It wasn’t till 5 mins into the show that I found out that this was Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. Like, actually none-Japanese people as Kamen Riders.

I – um, whut?

This is brain-breaking on many levels. The fact that I now want to download the whole series only make it obvious that I’m a sucker for sentai shows of any sort. It really doesn’t make any sense because I never actually finish watching sentai shows. I will start watching it, get horribly involved with the ANGST of the characters, and then lose all interest in the show till a new Kamen Rider show appears (there will always be a new Kamen Rider series).

In short, um, whut?

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