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fandom update

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Nov. 9th, 2010 | 08:39 am

Reading comics (DCU, oh gods, DCU and the Bats!Clan), can't wait to watch the Walking Dead, and will probably start watching SPN s6 come this weekend.

Random Bat Thoughts:
  • Damian Wayne is all sort of hilarious and awesome. I can watch him with other people forever and ever and ever. The next few issues of Teen Titans will be awesome.

  • Steph is a Goddess. I love her and everything she stands for. Her Batgirl is wholly her's, and when she hit/punched Bruce in the face I clapped in joy.

  • Dick Grayson as Batman is something that I accept whole-heartedly. I did not think I could accept Dick as Batman for such a long time. However, like Damian, I don't want Dick to be anything else but Batman.

  • Oracle - I want to be her when I grow up. I just - it is not possible to texually render how fantastic and awesome she is. Also, she is DC's most Kick-Ass woman and the smartest person in the DC!verse.

  • Cassandra - Damn you, DC. I don't think I can forgive you for how badly you screwed the pooch on her characterisation. I miss her and I want her back. Cassandra who can kick anybody’s ass because she is just that dangerous, Cassie who was Steph’s best friend. WANTS.

  • I don't think I have ever known Bruce Wayne so well. The man has built the Bat into something bigger, more encompassing than anything he or anyone else could have known. I wonder if anyone within the DC!verse have verbalised or even internalised just what Batman is to their universe. Bruce Wayne, the real one, not Brucie, or Batman is one controlling, ruthless dick, but damn, he also has a heart. Who would have thought?

  • Jason Todd - DC just keep on doing one disservice after another when it comes to you. You are fucked in the head not through your own fault but the fault of others and circumstance. You are the tragic hero that's never going to get the happy ending because fate need you to be the insane one, the bad one, the one that is screwed beyond belief. You are the one everyone failed. You are the one Batman failed.

  • Tim Drake you are my favourite. You are a geek at heart, but you are also too obsessive, too brilliant and too damn self-aware to be anything but an obsessive-vigilante. Or, you know, a crazy megalomaniac if DC ever decide to make you the bad guy. And despite all your faults, I just can’t dislike or hate you.

RL = Not worth mentioning for it will encroach on my happy place.

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