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Superman Batman issue 76

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Dec. 11th, 2010 | 12:17 pm

I have been reading comics again. HORAH!

Reading Superman Batman issue 76 broke me tiny fangirl heart. The problem with reading almost exclusively bats!family series and Teen Titans is that I tend to forget just how close Clark, Bruce and Diana are. The three them have been through so much; the way that really, Diana and Clark are the only people who can make fun of Bruce, who really gets him outside of his family (I think that sometime Clark and Diana gets Bruce more, because honestly, Bruce is so much more of a dick to his family that the JLA, and Bruce see the two of them as his equals. Robin is his partner, and his family is his life, but Clark and Diana takes him out of the context of Gotham and makes him more. It is hard to articulate, but damn, I had forgotten how close they are). I forgot it wasn't just the Bats that were in mourning, that yeah, Clark and Diana mourned too. And Clark, boy, Clark did not handle Bruce' death well.

I need a Superman + Batman icon.

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