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Hawaii Five-O

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Dec. 23rd, 2010 | 09:27 am

So, after yesterday's rage blackout, which I managed to squash with much listening of MCR and sleep, I'm once again the model of mental health. Moving on.

I watched Hawaii 5-O - it is fangirl bait, the good sort. The amount of snark and the amazing amount of competence (and Kevlar) makes this show kind of awesome. However, I have something to admit; I’m very thrown by Danny’s height, like, OMFG! Standing next to Steve the guy is like a HOBBIT. Which brings my up on the next point; sex.

Steve comes across as a bottom, a very needy bottom with control issues, but a bottom nonetheless. This, however, does not work for me from a complete logistic point of view. I mean sex between people with large height differences is very difficult to pull off. Well, unless one of them have really good upper body strength, which arrives to my next problem; physique.

Danny has amazing shoulders, like, I look at the guy and I think he can lift a horse type of shoulder. I look at Steve and I think, yeah, he is built, but not enough for wall sex, at which point my brain is like, BUT! WAIT! Steve is meant to be bottom, why is upper body strength coming into this? And I'm like, BU- WHA- URGH! I GIVE UP!

So, in short, what I’m trying to say is, I think I can only read PLATONIC!BFFs fic between the two of them. Maybe. This is not a bad thing, because I really kind of want to read AWESOME!GEN!TEAM!FIC! I mean, Kono is all sort of AWESOME, and I truly believe Chin can kill people with his MIND! Gods, how AWESOME is Kono and Chin. Like, at first I was all NO!WANTS! Girl is like a stick, but then she WON me over with the dog and the sheer joy she has for her job. LOVES.

Um. So, um, WORK!

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