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Lapto problems and Tennis

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Feb. 1st, 2011 | 08:41 am

I'm out town for a week for tennis, and I return to find my laptop dead. The blue light on the power button of my laptop is on but when I press it the thing refuses to start up. Stupid Dell. I'm not as stressed as I should be as I suspect it will be a pretty easy fix, and depending on how desperate I might attempt to play surgery on it.

Now the important stuff - I fucking love tennis. Always have always will. The live atmosphere of a finals is indescribable. The rush, the adrenaline, the way you can't breathe because your favorite player is on the losing side, the overwhelming joy when the play is amazing. Things you get in person that you don't get through a tv screen.

- Federer is poetry in motion. You can't really understand just how smooth and beautiful he moves until you see it in person. The ease he returns 200km/hr serves, the way he moves and glides that seems as if he's floating. His tennis is beautiful.

- How Murray mutters, "Andy, Andy, Andy," to himself when he is making a comeback.

- The sounds the racket makes when the players pit their fingers through the betting and pull.

- The utter madhouse of coordinating the media, setting up the stage, and just everything that's happening in the background to make it all work.

- The serious amount of security.

Just guys, this was an amazing experience, and god damn I want to experience it again.

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