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Glee's rendition of MCR's Sing

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Feb. 12th, 2011 | 09:37 am

OK. So, I don't watch Glee, actually, I take that back. I watched about 13 to 14 eps of season 1, and for various reasons, which I don't have to talk about now, dropped the show.

From what I remember of season 1 - I actually like the actors' natural voices, I always enjoy a harmony, love musicals and any show/movie with singing will probably be able to make money from me, at least once. Guys, I liked High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 (and have ACTUAL opinions about Burlesque, which I will share with you, one day. Also, I still think Grease was one of the best films, ever) with no irony. So, anyway, love their natural voices, hates the over use of autotune.

Verdict: Love the chorus. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT WITH A PASSION! The thing with Sing is that the chorus was MADE for a full-on choir to back up Gerard's main vocal. And the Glee cast deliver with much awesome. Unfortunately, the rest of the song felt, well, felt overly sanitised and autotuned to death. Or, you know, till it satisfied the Disney-standard. (Look, I have nothing against Disney cartoons and songs, hell, I LOVE them. But Sing isn't a song that should have this level of commercial Disney-smoothness for commercial consumption. Gods, I wish they had not overused autotune.)

In short, love the CHORUS. Everything else, not as much. Though when Lea and Cory let it rip, yeah, dudes. That's kind of awesome. But, DAMN YOU AUTOTUNE!

ETA: I have not posted this much or often in a while now (with actual content as opposed to tennis photos, not there there is anything wrong with them). Not sure how long this will last. Suspect till my hormones readjust itself, and I have satisfactorily worked through my issues. Or, you know, I really should book a proper one-hour session with a trained professional as the other trained professional suggested (told) me. Because, by gods, it isn't like I know what is wrong with me. Kinda.

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