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Glee thoughts

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Apr. 29th, 2011 | 11:38 am

... I'm actually watching more Glee. Sure, my opinions about this the show is all over the place depending on the character that is on my screen, the writer of each episode, and potentially the alignment of the stars.

But by the gods, I'm actually enjoying the complete mess that is this show.

While watching Born This Way I came to several realisations.
  • Will Shuester is a douchebag... and I like him better for it.

  • I really wants a Dalton spin-off.

  • Santana is amazing. I kind of want to worship her at all times.

  • Blaine and Kurt is stupidly adorable. I want them to last, and years in the future when Kurt is the biggest fashion designer around and Blaine is a social worker with charities I want them to adopt kittens and puppies. Or, have a baby with Rachel. It would be glorious LOLs.

  • Rachel - the writers are right, the girl is far more interesting and awesome when she is single and completely driven to be the STAR. I like it when she ignore all social cues to get what she want.

  • Also, when did Kurt get hot? Like, honestly, when did the BABY!Penguin get hot?!

I still can't watch season 1 of this show (well, most of season 1).

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