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Fast & Furious - Why I love this series so much

I love the Fast Furious franchise. I love it to tiny bits and will keep on spending money on it by going to the movies to watch it, by buying the DVDs (blurays, whatever I need to) and just generally talking about it.

I like this series for its simplicity (CARS, ACTION, more CARS and OMFG! Homoerotic subtext.) But I love it for its casting. I'm Chinese Australian, and about 99.9% of fictional media on my television is filled by Caucasian people. This is not an attack, this is a fact.

While people of colour is very visible on the streets and reality television (one day I'll write a post about how Reality Television helps race issues, but today is not that day,) you sure can't tell by watching the news or fiction texts. So it is always damn nice to watch some television show or watch some movie and see somebody different, to see different colour skins, different languages and simple acceptance of the difference and the variety. The Fast and Furious franchise cater to that need. It provides me the opportunity to feel as if my race, myself can be represented on the screen, that I'm not invisible. And yeah, OK, I probably would have liked the series even if its casting was complete white, but I love it because it cast people of colour, of different race, make them central to plots and make it normal.

Anyways, read this article - Why a movie about car thieves is the most progressive force in American cinema. It says it so much better than I.
Tags: film:2011, meta:race, meta:racism

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