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Doctor Who 602

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May. 7th, 2011 | 08:00 pm

OK, so I didn't talk much about Doctor Who 601 because it felt really unfinished and sort of unsatisfactory. However, 602 MAKE everything 100% better! OMFG! I LOVE this SHOW!

I love Amy, but Rory is my boy. LOVES him!

So, are we taking bets yet on the Doctor’s actions (humanity killing the Silence whenever they encounter them) is the thing that drives the Silence to invading earth in the first place?

I’m unsure how I feel about the Doctor being so blasé in enacting genocide, and being OK with River and Canton killing, or just carrying guns in general. This seems to go against everything the Doctor is, while I sometime want to kick the Doctor for giving being chances (fucking Daleks), I really find it disconcerting when he take that chance away.

The Doctor just committed genocide. (You shall kill us all on sight.)

He has given the human race a Get Out of Jail card in regards to committing genocide.

Yeah. Just think about that.

ETA: On the other hand, it is also sort of in character, when there is no other option, the Doctor can be pretty damn ruthless.

Amy and her child – and yes, I’m leaning towards the girl being her actual child. Maybe she is from another timeline. I think she is right, getting pregnant on the TARDIS, rewriting the universe must have done something truly strange to Amy. A child that simultaneously exist and doesn’t at the same time. Another timeline, perhaps erased when the reset button was hit, I have to admit I’m really not that interest in the kid, yet. Let’s see where this goes first. What I want to know is why the girl is being kept in the 60s? And who the hell is that one eyed red-headed old lady?

Also, did anyone else notice that it was all stars and planets when it came to the mobile? Oh, and the sea/light house motif? I’m paying special attention to these because I have this feeling it will come back to haunt us.

Rory. OMFG! How I love you Rory. You and all of your insecurities, and gods, you waited 2000 years for Amy. I LOVE you.

And River - Christ. Talk about a punch in the guts. Always running the opposite way, away from each other. Gods, to realise that what she thought had happened haven't happened for the Doctor at all. Oh, River.

In conclusion – what is it with Moffat and his constant need to lock up/imprison the Doctor?

Also, I keep on forgetting that Moffat actually created Captain Jack Harkness. This has nothing to do with this episode, but more of a general note in regards to Moffat and his characterisation. Yes, this is a note to self.

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