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SPN 6x21 & 6x21 - I can't believe I'm meta'ing about this show again

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May. 21st, 2011 | 04:14 pm


Wiping Lisa and Ben's memories has got to come back to bite Dean's arse sometime in season 7. It was an emotional, and I'd argue stupid move on Dean's part, a decision made out of fear. Nothing stays forgotten or hidden on this show. The only people that are safe are the ones that don't know the supernatural, and if you do find out about the supernatural, well, your life expectancy ain't high. The only way to survive is to know how to protect yourself from the supernatural. Dean just took that away from both Lisa and Ben.

I understand what he's thinking, that he caused all of this, that if he leaves, if he erase his presence from their lives completely than they will be safe, they won't be in pain. Dean, that's your damn emotions talking.

Remember Adam. John tried, Mary tried, hell, Sam tried, this life, it ain't going to work.

Lisa and Ben are Winchesters now, it doesn't matter that their names are not, it doesn't matter that they are not blood, they are family now. And guess what? Everybody knows. The supernatural grapevine is a fast and gossipy beast. Removing yourself from their lives is not going to make them safer.

Oh, Dean. You are so fucked up.

I was so damn proud of Sam for calling Dean on what he did to Lisa and Ben. Yes, it is shady, yes, it is probably one of the worst things you have ever done. Listen to Sam. Learn from you damn mistakes. This is not going to end well for anyone, because even if Lisa and Ben doesn't remember, one day Ben is going to come home from school to find Lisa with black eyes and a butcher's knife. And he is not going to know how to protect himself.

Oh, Dean. You beautiful moron.

And of course, the season finale.

I want to get one thing off my chest - I'm 100% behind Castiel. There is no other way. Raphael would lay waste to this world by restarting the fucking Apocalypse. There is no other way.

Supernatural, at its core, has always been about family. You trust your family, you love your family, you die for your family. The cardinal sin is lying to your family (you can withhold the truth, but even than that is a gray area that will get you into the shits). Even if you are doing the right thing, if you are lying to your family, than you are up there with the bad of the world. It is not something I agree with, but it is the world, the premise the creators has set up and you have to work within the limitations of a creation.

So, within the context of the SPN world Castiel fucked up, to make matters worse he fucked up a comic scale because of who he is. He is an Angel of the Lord with enough power to cause the end of the world. But the thing is, I agree with him, up till the end, when the million of souls has pretty much scrambled Cas' brains, I AGREED with him. There was no other road to take. And the thing that is marked against him is the fact he lied to the Winchesters, he lied to Dean, he lied to his brother.

And the real fucked up thing? Castiel knows this, knows it completely, he is walking into this with his eyes completely open, and he can't see another way. Everyone is telling him he is wrong, everyone is telling him he shouldn't be doing this. But I don't hear anybody offering an alternative.

It is food for thought, but I honestly don't think they can keep Castiel next season, not when he is this juiced up on powers. The only way I see this working is for Chuck to make an appearance and remove Cas' powers. Otherwise, well, you can't have an all powerful being in a story about little mortals. It just doesn't work.

I hope they make him mortal.

In conclusion - OMFG! Guys! Guys! Guys! I LOVE SAM WINCHESTER! I want to talk about him, but my brain is still running around in circles screaming my love for him. I think one of the reasons I can talk about Dean and Castiel, to a large extent, is because I'm no longer so emotionally attached to them anymore and I can examine their actions without getting emotional. But OMFG! SAM WINCHESTER! GUYS! BESTEST LITTLE BROTHER, EVER!

Season 7, BRING IT!

ETA: Someone on the writers' team LOVE The Bourne Identity. This is not a complaint, it is one of my ALL time favourite films so I was bound to get the REFERENCE beyond the obvious. PARKS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

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