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DC - Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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Jun. 10th, 2011 | 04:17 pm

DC has been doing some awesome and fun stuff in the past few years. Despite my rage at erasing Cass (oh, Cass) and some truly stupid mishandling of characters (Jason Todd), I loved DC comics with a great deal of passion.

Well, I give up. I had intended to collect most of the comics I was reading in trade, but as of now, I'm washing my hand of all DC titles. I went through the pain and angst of DC re-setting their fricking universe (and the butchering of some of my fav characters) several years ago. Believe me, it took a long time for me to be able to even look at a DC title without the urge to set things on fire.

Anyways, I'm not willing to go through another fucking re-boot/re-start/what-the-fuck-ever, especially when they will be removing characters without explanations again, and of course they will be female heroes with some great sale figures for the way of male heroes. Well, fuck you DC, you obviously don’t want my money.

So, I am leaving DC officially. This explains part of my ANGER about this whole relaunching crap, but mostly, I’m over this whole tripe about wanting to diversify and engage female readers, but not really, because we obviously don’t matter. So, OK, I can deal. I’ve got much better things to love, like Sons of Anarchy and my other awesome cable television.

Anyways, Dear DC,

Thank for all the good times, not going to stay for this shit.

Have fun,

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