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Tennis and heart break, and why I'm going to ignore Wimbledon for awhile

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Jun. 30th, 2011 | 09:29 am

And it was only yesterday when I thought I had nothing to write about.

First: Tsonga, you were fucking amazing. I have caught up to most of the match, and you played amazingly, beautifully, and you deserved this win so damn much.

Second: I'm heart broken. I just can't deal right now. I honestly can't stomach more tennis at this point in time.

I - I think I will skip out on viewing the rest of the Wimbledon matches this year and just sleep or something.

Third: Nadal, good luck. You are only as good as your competition, I hope you get a cracker of an opponent.

Fourth: Nole, if you play like the way you did against Tomic, you are screwed. Be better.

Fifth: Murray, I saw you play live, and it was utterly heart wrenching to watch you give up, please don't buckle under the pressure.

Hell, at this point, I really hope Tsonga win the damn thing.


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from: nekomancy
date: Jul. 1st, 2011 02:46 am (UTC)

I am going ot make you watch. If i can't spend the night with a real hot sweating Spaniard in various exertions ^^

then at least watching a hot Spaniard exerting himself in punishing Nole for taking so long in killing off Tomic (time waster).

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