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X-Men:FC - Fic Recs

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Jul. 21st, 2011 | 05:41 pm

I have subscribed to a tonne of X-Men First Class fanfiction, but the two fills that make me check my gmail for updates every other second has got to be the following:

and these, from atoms - The one where Charles and Erik are trapped in a mine, and THEY HAVE to TALK (or not). The set up is amazingly detailed, the build up of tension of events and interaction between Charles and Erik is utterly enthralling. GEN!

Limited Release - The White Collar au. Modern day, set in a world where the Mutants!movement happened quite a bit like the Feminist and Civil Rights movement. Erik Lehnsherr is Peter Burke, except he is the head of an FBI team hunting down Shaw, Professor Charles Xavier is Elizabeth Burke, but is really like the mutant version of Gandhi, and Alex Summers is Neal Cafferey, except he is more small crime and less shine. GUYS! READ THIS! NOW! I DREAM about this fic. It is a fully realised world that deals with the way humans and mutants can LIVE TOGETHER! JUST READ THIS!!!! IT IS AMAZING! I call this GEN because it is so plot focused.

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