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DW 06x10 - The Girl Who Waited

Just finished watching The Girl Who Waited.

To me, the Doctor, no matter which incarnation, will always be the same man.

ETA: Episode specific thoughts on lj (kept here for prosperity).

Amy Pond is the little girl who trusted the Doctor, the little girl who waited 14 years for his return, who still believes in the Doctor with the wonder and abandonment of a child; no fear, no reservation, and complete trust. I think this episode set up four very interesting things.
  • The Doctor chose the Amy that he loves, the Amy who believes in him. A completely selfish decision on his part.

  • The Doctor couldn’t (didn’t want to) make the choice, so he made Rory do it.

  • Rory states that it isn’t fair that the Doctor is trying to make him into the Doctor.

  • Amy Pond, waited 36 years for the Doctor, and at the end only thought of Rory Williams.

  • It is really interesting that the last scene between Amy and Rory, separated by the door of the TARDIS was almost an exact replica of the scene between the Doctor and Rose in Doomsday. What I want to know is who the Doctor is and who is Rose in this scenario.

    And the Doctor keeps on running. I think it is almost time for everything to catch up with him.

    ETA 2: It is always interesting to be reminded that the Doctor hates himself quite a bit.
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