witty, somehow (naanima) wrote,
witty, somehow

DW - The God Complex

For the first time ever a Doctor Who episode that was designed to make me cry didn't do a thing for me (on an emotional level).

- Amy & Rory leaving the Doctor because the Doctor didn't want to see Amy hurt (or worse). Fair enough, it happens, the Doctor changes his companions, make them into weapons, make them into him, and rarely will they have a happy ending.

- Fairly annoyed that the Doctor called Amy 'Amy Williams'. I understand why they did it, but it was still annoying. She is Amy Pond, not changing her name does not equal her not being able to grow up. Just ARGH!

- The number 11 for the Doctor's room. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE! ALSO, was that the beat of drums I hear? MASTER?! Or perhaps the TARDIS? I don't know, it is all very interesting.

- I know that Amy had to lose faith in the Doctor, but the way they went about doing it in this ep just left me 'meh'.

- Of course the alien was talking about the Doctor. But then again, accepting death is not the Doctor's way. If it was I would have been fairly annoyed.

Overall - I can see what they are trying to make me feel, but I just don't.
Tags: tv:doctorwho
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