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SPN 702 - Hello Cruel World

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Oct. 1st, 2011 | 03:47 pm

I was going to make this real long ass post on why I found this week's SPN to be so very awesome (better than last week's) but then I stumbled across AV Club's review of this episode.

OMFG! It list all the reasons why I adore this episode so very much.

Actually, you know what I'm going to just going to list a few points on the ways I adored this episode.

- Lucifer is awesome. Lucifer mind-frelling with Sam is a hundred millions time better.
- Not letting the fact that Sam was in Hell for over a century go.
- Dean confronting Sam about his hallucinations; just OMFG! Sam and Lucifer speaking at the same time was all sort of awesome.
- OH HEY! The sheriff from last season. YAY! I LOVE HER! This show need more older women!
- That whole sequence in the warehouse - EEEE!
- The last 5 mins of this episode was so very intense and all sort of awesome.

What I love about this season (so far) is the way they just keep the pressure on, bits by bits, but you can definitely feel it. The ways that things just keep on tightening around Sam and Dean, no way out, and the BAM! They are so very screwed.

SPN has always been pretty awful at pacing in the long term. They have great moments in episodea or have a great episodes in isolation, but man, I'm really hoping they can keep the pace up for the rest of this season because this is amazing.

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