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DW - Season 6 Finale

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Oct. 2nd, 2011 | 06:38 pm


I liked part of it, and I'm really glad that they wrapped up certain plot points that I was really unhappy with, but otherwise. Um, OK.

I'm going to go away and think about this.

It wasn't bad, it is just that I didn't get emotional about it at all.

- I love Amy in this, I love that she got her revenge, that yes, River Song got her streak of ruthlessness from her mother.

- I love that River and Amy have their regular catch-up over a bottle of wine.

- The whole Doctor stepping back into the shadows was, um, look, I understand why he needed to pretend to die, but it was just really dragged through the mud. It could have been so much faster.

- I wish this season had spent more time on how Amy and Rory had dealt with Melody's abduction, I wish they had introduced more interesting one off eps. This season started out so very well.

I think Moffat does really well when it comes to short arcs - 6 or 7 eps arc would have been amazing, but at 13 eps his run of Doctor Who just menders about and can get truly boring.

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