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Film - This Means War

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Mar. 6th, 2012 | 11:11 am

Saw This Means War.

Give me all the fics, people. All the fics!

Review – it was a fun film and has a real charm to it that is mostly due to the performance of its three leads. I was genuinely surprised by how funny it actually was – Witherspoon, Pine and Hardy made the film. The actions sequences were badly shot (what is so fucking difficult about using a fricking long shot so that viewers can see awesome fight sequences? I fucking hate Paul Greengrass for making shaky cams a thing for actions scenes.).

The thing, however, was let down by the ending. I’m not even talking about FDR and Tuck not ending up together (which they should have), I’m talking about the inexplicable reason as to why the female lead would choose FDR over Tuck. I can sort of see what the film was trying to do, but the delivery (from a plot and script POV) was so vague that Witherspoon’s decision was completely confusing. I’m not saying one guy is better than the other, I’m saying the reasoning behind her decision was badly explained on screen.

Also, I’d have preferred it much more if she had dumped both of their asses at the end of the film, and had found another guy. It was just a bizarre resolution. There just wasn’t enough time to provide the audience with a plausible reason as to why FDR was right for our heroine. It could have been a really good film, as it was the whole thing was entertaining but forgettable.

I want all the fics!

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