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Life update - Yoga AKA I'm flexible but have NO balance

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Mar. 23rd, 2012 | 09:50 am

I have started doing proper yoga classes again (as opposed my own unguided attempts that often last about 30 mins as opposed to a 60 mins session).

Exhibit A
Eagle Pose - Garudasana
I actually do relatively OK in this one in regards to balance, but it is really difficult to focus when my right shoulder is in PAIN! I carry all my stress in my shoulders, and insstead of focusing on my body, the stance and the breathing I'm usually grimacing in pain, which means I lose attention, which in turn leads me to TRY and NOT fall flat on my face.

Exhibit B
King Dancer Pose - Natarajasana
OMFG. The less said about this the better. I just - fricking hell. NO balance whatsoever.

The sad thing? This is the FRICKING TIP of the iceberg.

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