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Apr. 11th, 2012 | 11:30 am

Things I have done since the last update.

Um, I watched Transformers Dark Side of Moon. It was really awful. I LOVE big exploding films because I love action and the quick pacing of them. But Christ, the film was horrendous. There were a few moments of awesome – the cast running and sliding through the buildings while it was falling over, Sam’s parents, Carly (I like her), and it was nice to see most of the cast from the previous films return. Additionally, the plot was better constructed than the second film. BUT – it was still a terrible film, and I tend to like Michael Bay films (even with the inconsistency and overt sexism). But man, this film sucked donkey balls, and I found myself MISSING Mikaela.

So, 2 & half hours of my life I’m never getting back.

Watched Spartacus Vengeance, my reaction to Lucretia and Ilythia during the last two eps can be summed up with the following facial reaction;


What I love about this show is how satisfied it leaves me at the end of every season. Sure, it is often accompanied by much angst and cries of WHY?! But its season finales have always been amazingly satisfying at a very basic (and visceral) level. People get what they deserve, sure, this doesn’t guarantee likable and sympathetic characters will survive, but it does guarantee that the people who deserve to die do so, often in blood splattering and satisfying ways. The whole thing is all very Old Testament style, and it appeals to me so very much. There is moralizing, because we have to like the good guys, but it doesn’t mean they don’t do bad things, or kill people. It just means they do these things for a reason, and it is just such an awesome show. LOVES!

Otherwise – still reading Sherlock fics.

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