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Avengers Review

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May. 12th, 2012 | 02:27 am

So, it is about time I did a proper review of this film. Have seen it twice, more than likely will see it a third time.

Took me over 2 hours to write this thing. It is really difficult to write long blog posts when you haven't done so in such a long time. You should thank the fact that I was stuck in a plane for over 5 hours, if not for the confined space, no Internet and little entertainment this would have never seen the light of day.

I LOVE THIS CAST - every one of them were amazing in this. The Black Widow is absolutely awesome in this. For those of you who had to listen to me vent about the unnecessary insertion of her in Iron Man 2 will probably be surprised. The fact of the matter is that she was actually necessary in this film, she had her own agency, in IM2 her presence was unnecessary and they could have had anybody filling in her shoes to get things done. Natasha is absolutely necessary in this. She is also competent and tricked Loki. I hearts her. I'm also much more interested in her origin story.

Bruce Banner is perfect in this - 2 films, 2 different actors, and they finally got Bruce Banner right. Also, motion capturing Mark Ruffalo's performance as the Hulk was awesome. Bruce and Tony are Science!bros! Gods, I hope they become platonic life partners who live in the same building with Pepper. But back to Bruce, I love the wary sense of humor he has, the ways that he has been battered down over and over again but still manages to survive. How he is angry all the time. Whedon, you are not favorite, and I have problems with quite a bit of your work, but OMFG! Icahn forgive you almost anything for that line. Thank you for finally getting Bruce Banner right!

Tony & Pepper in this is so cute, OMFG! So adorable. It says a lot that Pepper is so much better in her 5mins cameo appearance than the whole of Iron Man 2. Gods, the second IM film was a clusterfuck of crap. I ship film! Tony & Pepper than I do the comics version. Oh gods, I hope they never get together in the comics, I'd cry tears of anger and sadness. DC already fucked up everything for me, Marvel!comics please don't fucking go there.

Steve!!!!!!!! Eee, you are still my favorite! I loved everything about you here. The ways you are still lost, how you take control like the tactical genius that you're. AND OMFG! How you broke into the equivalent of the basement in the Helicarrier because the computer was TOO slow. And you were so beautiful in this. I don't know why I the hair makes such a difference, but Chris Evans as Steve Rogers is the only time that I find him stupidly attractive.

Clint Barton - I liked you in the film. Jeremy Renner, you continue to do amazing things with a small amount of time. You are not an attractive man, yet I find you stupidly hot in every single one of your films. It is very confusing. Your competence and your arms in this film brings me much joy. Also, I would very much like to hear your version of Budapest.

Thor and Loki - oh, siblings who want to kill each other is kind of one my bulletproof narrative kinks. I kid you not - FAMILY DRAMA is my favorite! I love how Loki is so obviously completely insane in this film, that the fall into the abyss broke quite a few of his mental, um, sanity points. However, I kind of hate how they had to simplify him so very much to make it easier from a narrative point of view. I understand why they had to do it, and I appreciate how he had a round with each of the Avengers, but the scaling back of all that moral ambiguity made him less interesting and in many ways made the danger the Avengers faced less interesting. His character was less compelling, but Hiddleston's performance made you think the character had layers when in reality his complexities were culled. Also, Loki in the suit get up is hot.

THOR! OMFG! Poor baby! Like, Christ, he LOVES his brother so much, and he just want everything to be what it was. Oh, THOR! But Tony is so right - Shakespeare in the Park is a pretty apt description so well. So CONFLICTED! There are two scenes that pulled at my heart strings - when Thor is in the glass cage, and when it dawned on him that Loki, his little brother could be a monster, that yes, the person he has known forever was willing to kill him. Christ, that reaction, the way he stepped back from the glass, how he didn't take his eyes off Loki because there was still, maybe, some hope that he wouldn't do it. CHRIS HEMSWORTH, WHEN DID YOU BECOME A GOOD ACTOR? The other scene was him standing in the field reaching his hand out to grasp the hammer and stopping. I LEGIT ALMOST SOBBED THERE! Look, I DON'T know why I feel this way for him, OK!

Now I shall talk about Coulson. Um. On second viewing I pretty much cemented my reaction when I saw it the first time - his death didn't really me. For me, Coulson was always this side character that was awesome and hilarious because 1) he's competent as hell, and 2) he has herd the equivalent of cats when it comes to cats. Like, his life is fucking hilarious. But he wasn't the reason I watched the films, I didn't really identify with him, he was cool, I didn't mind finding out ore about him, but he has always been the plot hook, so in many ways I expected him to die. This is an Avengers film, I expected some sort of death. Coulson was the logic decision. This is note saying that I wouldn't be happy if they brought him back. Also, I wouldn't trust Nick Fury about anything. It would not surprise me if he lied about Coulson's death.


This film did an amazing job of bringing the cast together, to make sure that they CONTRIBUTED to the momentum of this film at all times. They all served a purpose, and at no point do you feel as if they are there just o fill up time. They are a team, and it is beautifully depicted in the boss fight. OMFG! People, do you realize that this is the first time, in my memory, that a film depicted a team FIGHTING AS A TEAM! That it isn't just individual battles, but rather it was team fighting cohesively working is the same frame or FOLLOWING ONE INTO THE OTHER, HELPING EACH OTHER. IT WAS SEAMLESS.

In conclusion, Whedon did an amazing job of pulling this together. The way he managed the relationships, the way he gave every character their due, the fact that he gave us a TEAM FIGHT SEQUENCE never seen before in a live action film, the way he got Bruce right, and the awesomeness that is Hulk punching Thor, and the fact it did NOT feel like a Whedon film - THANK YOU!

Yet, despite all of the above reasons I can only say that I liked the film, I just couldn't love it. It was a good, solid film, and I'm super excited for ALL THE MARVEL FILMS! I just love Iron Man and Captain America more. I was much more emotionally invested in them, not saying this film isn't fun, I just did not get the same visceral/emotional reaction as I did while watching IM and CA. But you know, I'm still going to see it again because it was a WELL MADE FILM!

Need to see it again for the third time!

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ETA: I wrote this with about 5 hours of sleep over 3 days. No guarantee of quality.

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