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TV Updates

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Jun. 25th, 2012 | 03:39 pm

Have begun watching Suits season 2.

Ep1 of season 2 was amazing, the writing is that much sharper, the characters that much clearer. Love it to a million tiny bits. Mike is awesome in this. WRITERS! This is the Mike I NEED ALL THE TIME! JUST YES! I LOVE JESSICA! I LOVE DONNA! EEEEE!

Ep2 of season 2 – WHUT? This ep made me suffer from whiplash. The writing for this ep is a hot mess. I – I can’t stand Mike & Rachel together, but when on their own or with others they become a MILLION times MORE AWESOME.

I have the last 3 eps of Korra saved up for this weekend. I have got tissues and chocolate saved up for this. I expect trauma.

Oh, and The Continuum, I’m about 2 eps behind, contemplating waiting for the whole season to finish to watch in one go.

Have also watched the first 5 eps of Common Law - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This show is hilarious. Also, two main male leads that are no named Mike, Jack, John and so forth. Wes and Travis are the BESTEST!


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