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Tony Stark.

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Aug. 9th, 2012 | 11:17 am

I love fics, I love the different interpretations of characters, putting spin on the way they think, the way they act that had never occurred to me before. I love it.

However, I also realize my utter hatred of certain characterizations of the people I love. It reduces me to the behaviour of a 2-yr-old where all I want to do is scream and stomp my foot in some awesome glorious tantrum.

Case in point; writing Tony Stark as a genius idiot who doesn’t understand people and feels sorry for himself. I – WHAT? Tony Stark can be an arrogant dick (Christ, he’s pretty much a dick most of the time), but he is NOT blind to social cues, or do NOT understand why people does things. He GETS why people do what they do, he understands motivations, he just chooses to not give a fuck. And yes, he always oversteps his boundaries because he 1) does NOT care for these boundaries, 2) he LIKES to push, and 3) he is TONY FUCKING STARK. Boundaries are for lesser mortals.

So, can we please STOP depicting him as a person who is COMPLETELY oblivious to how SOCIAL cues work, and is socially INEPT? Tony Stark is a smooth fucker. He is a genius, he is arrogant, he is charming, he owns a GLOBAL multi-billion dollar company, and he KNOWS exactly what buttons to push to get people to act the way they need to so he can get what he wants.

Oh, Christ, I have obviously gone completely over the edge as my anguish at the depiction of a fictional character.

Send help, hell, send coffee, it solves all.

ETA: This is NOT aimed at anyone who is on my flist.

ETA 2: This is just how I feel.


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