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The Bourne Legacy

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Aug. 19th, 2012 | 11:36 am

This is a fly-by post.

Saw Bourne Legacy yesterday. It was AWSOME! I loved almost everything about it. EVERYTHING. I can see why people who likes the second and third Bourne film didn't like this one or had issues with it, but dudes, I'm not one of them. I loved Bourne Identity and my feelings for the following two films is a separate post altogether, and mostly not that positive.

I loved the pacing of this film (I love the TALKING, I love the long car chase, hello, have you seen a Bourne film?) I love the characters, and I'm now so on-board for the start of this franchise.

ETA: Jeremy Renner as ANYONE is hot. Him as Aaron Cross is just OMFG!HOT! Thank you to the director who understand the draw of Renner being shirtless.

Will post DEEPER thoughts once I have a proper keyboard.

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