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More James Bond babble

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Dec. 12th, 2012 | 11:01 am

Re-posting from my tumblr.

I think I’m the only person who loved Quantum of Solace, yes, the action sequences weren’t the best, it wasn’t a traditional Bond film, he didn’t sleep with the girl, and it was too grim. But by the gods I loved it, I loved it so very much, because to me QoS was a direct sequel of Casino Royale. CR was the origin story of Bond, the beginning of what he will inevitably become, Vesper made him, she provided his trademark tuxedos, she made him love, and then she betrayed him.

I loved CR because it provided the thug Bond, the guy without the polish, the guy that was still capable of falling in love, the guy who was really young. I loved QoS because it was all about Bond processing ALL HIS FEELS! All that anger; at himself, at Vesper, at his fucking emotions, being played like a fool, having the woman he love die. Just all of that anger, and the whole film was about Bond killing, searching, needing to destroy and self destruct because he couldn’t do anything else. And I love that he didn’t sleep with Camille, because it wasn’t what their relationship was about, they were two people who wanted vengeance, two broken people whose only goal in life was to kill the people who killed what they loved (people who weren’t innocents, but it didn’t matter because they loved them). And just, gods, when Bond found Vesper’s ex, the man who unknowingly created Bond, he didn’t kill him, nope, Bond did what he was ordered to do, he let him live and went back to work. Just, this is the Bond that we get to see in Skyfall.

It’s pretty obvious that quite a bit of time had passed between the end of QoS and Skyfall, that at the end of the latter, Bond finally becomes the Bond the audience knows so well. The quips, the suaveness, the stupid martini, the suits, the seen it all attitude, and the willingness to follow orders and trust M. Bond knows that whatever M order him to do will be for a higher purpose. He might not like it, but he will follow it, and just, guys, the three films, on a thematic level, combined together, is the true origin story of Bond.

I’m freaking nervous about the next Bond film because I love what CR, QoS and even Skyfall created in Craig’s Bond. They created a Bond that feels, there is vulnerability, there is fatigue, there are consequences (sort of), and it is fucking terrifying for me that the next Bond film might not have the emotional impact all three Bond films have had. Vesper made Bond love, Mathis and Camille made him have compassion (fucking shit sticks, I still feel like bawling my eyes out in QoS where Mathis dies, the way Bond holds him close as he dies. Just, that is compassion.). That’s the Bond I want, the one who forgives people that have betrayed him, the guy who us willing to talk throng with a young woman how to kill, the man who wanted to save his brother in arms, and just, if the next Bond film is all action with not emotional core I’m going to just scream.

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