witty, somehow (naanima) wrote,
witty, somehow

The Following - whatever episode it is

Ryan Hardy is awesome. Kevin Bacon is amazing in this role.

Hardy is the sass-master.

Paul, Jacob and Emma - HOLY. SH*T! Jacob is now my favourite. Just, Holy. Crap.

Joe Carroll - after the newest ep; um, sir, your love and sexual desire for Ryan (the guy whom you stabbed, who also happened to be the guy who caught you, and had an affair with your wife), like, how the hell does teh show gets away with this?!

There are huget amount of plot holes, people are dumb in this, but OMFG! So. FRICKING. INSANE. And honestly, just when I think they couldn't surprise me anymore they up the ante.

It isn't a great show, but the performances are so good, and it is like, they just decided to say fuck to the logic and go completely crazy with insane stuff that characters do in this show.
Tags: fandom:following

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