[MCR] Killjoys


So, MCR disbanded.

My Chemical Romance Dissolves Its Bond.

When the news first got released I didn't have much to say. To be honest I still don't have much to say. Though the only thing that kept on going through my head was, "Thank the gods I saw them live."

I have pretty much been listening to their albums in chronological order, and gods, this band and their sounds. I love it so damn much.

I'm really glad they ended the way they have always wanted to end; on their own terms.

Best wishes to their future endeavours, I'm sure it will be awesome, but I'm damn sad that the MCR sounds, the noise won't ever be again. They are the only band to have produced albums that made me care, and love the whole damn thing.
[Quote] Coolest epository

The Following, and Elementary

Watched some Elementary - love Lucy Liu's Joan Watson, this Sherlock is more compassionate and vulnerable, and I like the way the two of them click, and the ways Joan being a woman changes the way they communicate with one another. The show, I think, will develop their relationship amazingly well. However, this show is not for me, I'm just not a big fan of the procedural drama format, and I find myself missing the cinematography, the snappy scripts and Cumberbatch and Freeman's chemistry. So, if you like procedural dramas, then this show will probably work for you.

The Following is my type of show. It is the show that I wish Criminal Minds had been, it is the show that most closely follows in the same vein as Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon. Basically, this show smashes through all my buttons. Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy is amazeballs, and James Purefoy as Joe Carrol is inspired casting. LOVES! Despite my love I can't help but wince at some of the tropes in this show; the love (kind of) story, and the dumbass decisions that gets made make me wants to scream at the tv. Despite the OK writing, the quality of the show is really quite impressive, and I have hope that Kevin Williams will get better at writing smart (writing real adults, with real jobs, and better dealing of their love lives... that that there is much of that here. Kind of).

The only major problem I have so far - um, please distribute the race of your killers and victims a bit better (not in one episode).
[Tennis] I love this shit - Andy Roddick


Watching AO in Melbourne, specifically the Murray and Djokovic match. This is honestly painful to watch. I'm having massive cries. The women's final had me screaming (internally), Li Na's injury, and now Murray... CRIES.

This year's AO has been full of drama and anguish.

Gods. Murray. Please.

ETA: Murray. Fuck. CRIES. Djokovic, you deserved the win, but fuck, Murray. He gave it all. His voice is quaking and limping.

Now excuse me while I go and drown my sorrow in some none alcoholic beverage because I'm now fucking allergic to alcohol.
[Legend of the Seeker] Mord'Sith

More Skyfall babble - where are the conversations about this film?

I have been thinking about Skyfall since last Thursday, and have decided that I need to watch this film again, and that I need Daniel Craig to be Bond for the rest of his life. Just OMFG! I want all the Bond fics, all of them. I want to read gen, slash, het, I don’t actually care. I just want all of them.

I have, since last Thursday, read approx 400 Bond/Skyfall fics. Yes, A03 is my bitch.

But seriously, I watched Casino Royale, Skyfall and Quantum of Solace within a week of each other, and now my brain is pretty much Bond, Bond, Bond all the time. I walked out of Skyfall being quite ambivalent, and you know, I still think it isn’t the best Bond film, but by the gods, it was pretty and the themes hit all my buttons. They took them and ground them down to dust. The pacing of this film annoys the hell out of me, and I’m extremely confused by what the hell they were trying to do with Bond’s characterization about 2/3 of the way into it. As in, I was actively going, “NOOOO! NO!” The last minute of the film makes me break out in hives because it feels like taking HUGE STEPS backward in regards to the Bond franchise, BUT, you never know, the next film might not go down the path I fear. The point (yes, there is one) is that Daniel Craig is amazing as Bond, and I swear he had chemistry with EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Just, how does he manage this?! I came out of it needing/wanting every fic written to be about him. Just wow.

So, the plan. Going to re-watch this film this weekend because it is so very pretty, and Daniel Craig is just perfect for this role, and then stalk all the interesting ppl on tumblr/lj/dw to talk about this film. Because dammit, why isn’t anyone talking about this film with me?
[white collar] Free Fall


I saw 'Skyfall' today. I need to see it again before I can write a review.

I do, however, want to read all the Eve gen fics and M gen fics in the world. Just OMFG! I loved the women in this film. All of them, but oh man, Eve is absolutely amazing, and I want more of her. Yes, please!

I don't understand the Bond/Q pairing, but I will read it if its well written. Honestly speaking, I just want to read all the gen fics for this film.

Except for the Silva/Bond, because wow, that was hot, in the most creepy way possible.
[Misc] Movie

Life update and movies

People, guess what?

I’m turning 30 soon (days!). 30! Looking back I have not done all that bad, not great, but not that bad either.

I’m currently employed in an office role that pays more than most of the people in my organisation, I’m married, owns a place with 3 bedrooms (and a mortgage), have 2 cats, is in reasonable health (overweight, but working on it), and while I don’t have any hobbies, I’m doing over 200 minutes of exercise a week so that’s my fricking hobby time. Life is pretty damn OK.

Things I forgot to blog about:

Saw Looper and Dredd, both films were interesting; in the sense it really felt like a peak into a bigger, wider world.

Looper was one of those films that I liked while watching, but the more I think about it the more I get annoyed at the plot holes, the glaring gender issues, and the waste of really good ideas. I just – look, the cast was awesome, the plot is interesting, but the plot holes and gender issues within the film really got to me.

Dredd - I really enjoyed this film, really, really enjoyed it. I had forgotten what a short action film can accomplish, when done well. I really liked it, and I loved the female characters in this; I love how Anderson was competent, that Mama was so insane. I didn’t love the film, but liked enough that I’m definitely getting this on DVD.

Otherwise, reading a tonne of Avengers fics, yes, still reading it.